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Is wood good for your health and your indoor climate?

Yes, wood creates a better indoor climate and several studies show that it also benefits your mental condition. According to one study on the health benefits of wooden interiors in healthcare facilities by Norwegian Institute of Wood Technology (NTI) by the implementation of wood in healthcare rooms, the patients, family, and staff agreed that they experienced well-being in relation to the indoor environment.

What does engineered flooring mean?

In the past, solid wood flooring was the only option. In the late 90’s and early 00’s several manufacturers started to develop engineered boards. This meant that the basic core was made out of plywood or OSB.

Do you also offer Herringbone or Chevron Parquet?

Yes, we offer a wide range of engineered Herringbone and Chevron parquet. Feel free to make an enquiry for your demands.

Can you explain your grading?

We have several grades. We supply PRIME, 1-Bis, Rustic A, Rustic AB and Rustic. The more character you like in the floor, the more Rustic you should go.

Where do most of your products end up?

Our planks are being supplied around the world in both domestic, residential, office and hospitality projects.

How many different colors can you offer on your planks?

We have unlimited options. We offer 12 standards, and furthermore we offer custom finishes. European oak is known for its capabilities of being colored in many different forms. We are happy to explore the options with you.

Where does your wood originate from?

Our Oak mainly comes from France, Germany and Ukraine. Other species such as Walnut or Douglas come from America or Scandinavia.

What are the benefits of Engineered flooring?

Engineered floors are more stable then solid wood floors. They are also suitable for under floor heating due to this construction. It also performs better under different environmental climates. Wood reacts to different humidity’s, but engineered floors perform better then solid floors. The installation time is also reduced because these boards can be either floated or glued directly to the concrete.

Are Grande Plank products applicable on under floor heating (UFH)?

Yes they are. We have a special UFH protocol that you can download in the download section of our website.

What are the advantages, or disadvantages of ammonia smoked or fumed oak floors?

The absolute nr. 1 advantage is that you have a unique floor, with real character. It is really a floor that stands out from the crowd. A disadvantage may be that you will have to trust the natural process and expect a unique floor, not always exactly according to the provided samples.

What types of finishes do you offer on your flooring?

We mainly offer our UV cured hardwax oiled factory finishes. They can be combined with staining or smoking to create unique finishes. On request, we also offer lacquered finishes.

Do you also supply to end-users?

No, we only supply B2B partners. We can direct you to the nearest partner if you send an email to info@grandeplank.com

What types of wood species do you offer?

We supply mainly European white oak, but also offer species such as American Black Walnut, Douglas Fir and other exotic woods on request.

Do you use Birch plywood as backing, or other species?

We only use high quality Exterior glued WBP Birch plywood for our engineered planks.

Are your products CARB certified?

Yes, all our products are CARB and CE certified.

What is the origin of your products?

All our products are made in Europe and are from sustainable sources.

Where are your planks produced?

All our planks are sustainably produced in a state-of-the-art factory in The Netherlands

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