Our Story

At GrandePlank, our journey begins with a passion for both craftsmanship and sustainability. Founded on the belief that every space deserves the beauty of hardwood flooring without compromising our planet's future, we embarked on a mission to redefine the industry standard.Driven by this vision, we meticulously source our materials from responsibly managed forests, ensuring the preservation of natural resources.

Our dedication to sustainability extends to every aspect of our production process, from eco-friendly manufacturing techniques to minimizing waste.But our story doesn't end there. We're also deeply committed to the artistry behind our products. Each plank is carefully crafted by skilled hands, resulting in flooring that not only enhances your space but also tells a story of timeless elegance.Join us on our journey to create sustainable spaces that reflect your values and inspire a greener tomorrow. Experience the GrandePlank difference today.

The Story continues

Subconsciously, the dream of entrepreneurship always whispered in Peter's mind. Fast forward 22 years, and Grande Plank stands as a testament to that dream. It began in 2020 as a mere idea, a magnetic pull toward the unknown. Peter, our founder, shaped this nebulous notion into a concrete vision, complete with a name, intentions, and a simple yet powerful "business plan."Our goal was clear: to revolutionize the wood flooring industry by offering B2B partners the same exceptional experience we give to end-users. Grande Plank isn't just a brand; it's an ethos, an experience. We empower our partners, driving them silently forward as they engage with end-users and shops. Trust, flexibility, and a unique experience define us, setting us apart in a competitive landscape.With over two decades of experience, Peter's entrepreneurial spirit remains undimmed. Every idea stems from one guiding principle: if it feels right, it usually is. And so, Grande Plank evolves, always open to change and growth.Yet, our mission extends beyond business. We seek to reconnect humanity with nature, championing sustainability and the profound benefits of wood. From its calming influence to its contribution to mental health, wood embodies a spiritual connection with the natural world. Oak, revered throughout history, reflects our core values of steadfastness, virtue, and truth.Moreover, wood's ecological footprint is minimal, and responsibly managed forests play a crucial role in carbon sequestration. At Grande Plank, we uphold stringent standards, ensuring our products originate from sustainable sources compliant with EUTR regulations. We're not just selling flooring; we're nurturing a connection between people, nature, and a better future.


With Grande Plank, we also want to help bring back the connection between nature and humanity. Sustainability is an important theme, but so is the power of wood and how it’s made. The universe, some may call it different but we probably mean the same, is a wonderful place. Spirituality is something we all possess. And our spiritual connection with nature is something we are all starting to learn more from. Wood/trees, for example, make us more calm, balanced and increases our mental health.

These are just a few examples of the benefits. It also creates a better climate within our homes because of it’s natural character to absorb and extract moisture in a room to balance the humidity. It also has a great feeling of warmth. Oak in particular, in ancient history, has always been a holy tree (holy oaks could not be cut down), an oracle tree, and a symbol for steadfastness, virtue and truth. As a “coincidence’ these symbols fully align with our core values. Wood is 100% recyclable and the production of it has an extremely low ecological footprint. Wood from managed forestry actually stores carbon as opposed to emitting it: as trees grow, they absorb CO2 from the atmosphere. As a rule of thumb, a cubic metre of wood contains around a tonne of CO2 (more or less, depending on the species of tree) – which is similar to 350 liters of gasoline. Therefore, Grande Plank ensures our products come from well managed forests and reliable sources, all according to EUTR standards. 

Sacred Wood Series

This series represents pure nature, wood, and elegance. In stead of trying to hide the beautiful cracks, knots and other natural features that real wood possesses, the Sacred Wood series magnifies these unique features by using a special wood filler that is darker then usual and really enhances the beauty of real wood. Only real wood has unique knotting and cracking and really makes every floor unique, just like you.  The name Sacred Wood represents the sacred power of wood throughout the history. Wood has been used for ages and has powers that have been backed by research. With a long history of symbolism, the towering oak tree has deep roots within the realms of strength, wisdom and healing. Proving time and time again to be the embodiment of beauty and power.  The individual names of the colors in this range reflect different gemstones. Gemstones are usually cut and polished to perfection, just like our floors. Besides that, gemstones have there own individual set of healing powers. Our sacred wood series reconnect you with nature and bring the power of wood back into your home. It will bring balance, calmness, and it increases mental health. It also creates a better natural climate within your home. So for us, if you value self-care, the environment and climate, there is no other choice then real wood flooring. 

Sacred Wood Extended

Sacred Wood Extended is not just a floor. It is a piece of art made exclusively for you. When you really want to go next-level, this is your choice. It is really a limitless product. The unique experience of wood, in the scale of a real tree. Not a scale-model, a real tree-size. Up to 50cm wide and, on request, up to 13meters long. This series is always custom made, from start to finish. All features such as grade, thickness, sizes and finish, can be determined by you personally. This floor embodies elegance. 


Bespoke is Grande Plank. If we don’t have it, we can make it. We like unique enquiries and go beyond the expected to create something astonishing. If you are looking for a unique pattern, color, wood specie or other feature that is beyond standard. Please make us your ally in the process.  We love to co-create, and we like to be challenged by our partners. So if you are working in the high-end market, and want to stand out, you are at the right address. You are the brand, your are at the forefront. But we will back you up with a beautiful product and the best service. Contact us at any time with your unique enquiries via info@grandeplank.com 


B2B Partnerships

Grande Plank is operational in a wide spectrum of fields but our main focus is B2B partnerships with distributors and flooring shops. We strive to be the silent power behind our partners. They need to be able to sell our products without any doubts or hesitations. If our partners do well, we do well.



With our 22+ years of experience in the wood flooring industry, we love to help our overseas and local customers with product consulting and visiting other mills. We have befriended productions all over Europe, and our service to help our partners doesn’t stop at our doorstep. It goes way beyond that. 


Product development

For us, there are no boundaries when it comes to co-creation. We get energized by partners that challenge us to make a new product or finish. With our finishing lines and production there is hardly anything we can’t make. And if we can’t make it, we will find someone who can. So please try and challenge us, we look forward to the process.


White label

Obviously we are a brand. But, we are also not to proud to take away this brand and just offer our great products. We are more then happy to offer our products with your name on it. If we find the right partners, with the right philosophy and marketing, the added value is in their favor. Fell free to enquire for more detailed information.  

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