Extra wide wood flooring for retail

B2B Partnerships

Grande Plank is operational in a wide spectrum of fields but our main focus is B2B partnerships with distributors and flooring shops. We strive to be the silent power behind our partners. They need to be able to sell our products without any doubts or hesitations. If our partners do well, we do well.



With our 22+ years of experience in the wood flooring industry, we love to help our overseas and local customers with product consulting and visiting other mills. We have befriended productions all over Europe, and our service to help our partners doesn’t stop at our doorstep. It goes way beyond that. 


Product development

For us, there are no boundaries when it comes to co-creation. We get energized by partners that challenge us to make a new product or finish. With our finishing lines and production there is hardly anything we can’t make. And if we can’t make it, we will find someone who can. So please try and challenge us, we look forward to the process.


White label

Obviously we are a brand. But, we are also not to proud to take away this brand and just offer our great products. We are more then happy to offer our products with your name on it. If we find the right partners, with the right philosophy and marketing, the added value is in their favor. Fell free to enquire for more detailed information.  

Our Collection

Where are your planks produced?

All our planks are sustainably produced in a state-of-the-art factory in The Netherlands

Sustainable production

With Grande Plank, we also want to help bring back the connection between nature and humanity. Sustainability is an important theme, but so is the power of wood and how it’s made. The universe, some may call it different but we probably mean the same, is a wonderful place. Spirituality is something we all possess. 

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