Titanium Coating

Why Titanium Coating?

Grande Plank always keeps developing together with our partners. We listen to you, because Grande Plank Flooring is Made by People, For People. We therefore created a more hard wearing finish that really will set you apart in both private as commercial projects.
The existing Oil is perfectly fine, but we all know that maintenance is not always done in the correct way. Therefore, the Titanium Coating is a perfect sollution. An extra protection for the color on your floor. This is what innovation means. And this is what we stand for.

Next level finish

The TITANIUM coating is a tested concept that we have used on several projects and stock items now. This finish is next level. It is the regular 2-layer UV Cured hard wax oil, with a special added layer that is providing the advantages of lacquer whilst still maintaining the looks of a natural oiled floor.

Does this mean it’s maintenance free? NO. Does this mean it performs better then the existing oils in the marketl? YES. For both commercial as well as Private projects, this finish offers much more protection and will result in lesser problems when people don’t properly maintain their floor. Less headaches but still, people need to maintain their floors. A floor is an investment that you need to nurture and treat properly because it’s an added value to your home or project. Studies show that a good wood flooring can add an extra 2.5% value to your home. Therefore, we want to give it the best finish possible! This is what our Titanium Coating is.

Want to know more?

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